American Civil War Living History & Skirmish at Fort Worden 

A 4th Us Infantry Company C Event In Your Community on Labor Day Weekend 2017.                                                      

American Civil War Living History at Fort Worden State Park Labor Day Weekend 2015!

The 4th US Infantry Company C was formed over 20 years ago and is nonprofit 501(c) 3 based out of Fort Steilacoom. We are an American Civil War Living History Group that is committed to education about the American Civil War through living history displays and performances throughout the state of Washington. We work together with other Living History Groups to portray the life of a soldier and civilian from both the North and South during the American Civil War. We are honored to be in your community.


Our troops will be rolling into the Fort throughout the day on Friday September 4th to setup our encampments and will be pleased to provide your community with a spectacular event Saturday, Sunday and part of Monday. We would stay longer if we could, but we have to return to the modern day sometime, but we hope to see you again next year for our next event at the Coast Artillery Museum.



Civil War Living History, 4th US Infantry Company C, Fort WORDEN, Port Townsend